Dakota Wheelers

2022 Schedule

Dakota Wheelers –  Camping & Camper Dance Dates — Fun Fun Fun & More Fun

The Dakota Wheelers is a group that camps throughout the summer in different spots each month.  During the weekend we dance on Friday Evenings (informal dance) and on Saturday Evenings (formal dance).  On Saturday evenings we hold a potluck with the campers of our group and Sunday Mornings we have pancakes, say good bye till next time and we are able to get back home at a decent hour. Throughout the weekend we play games, chat, crafts, and other items together. We usually do not know who the caller for the weekend will be until the week before our dance, and if there is more than one caller in the group we have a jamboree style dance on Friday evening.


Need more Information contact:
Kari Pillatzke  —- (605)886-7915