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!!!!    May 2019, Hooley Ann Whirl    !!!!

June 8 2019, Lanny and Sheryl  Beam 50th Anniversary Dance, Brandon, SD

          Caller: Mike Hogan

May 24-27 2019, MT State Square & Round Dance Festivial, Missoula MT

          Callers/Cuers: Scot Byers, Barry & Bobbie Bartlette

May 25-26 2019, Omaha Fire Fighter, Memorial Weekend w/Mike & Jet, Omaha NE

          Callers/Cuers: Mike Hogan, Jet Roberts and Pat & Mike Schrant

June 14-16 2019, 67th MN State Square & Round Dance Convention, St Cloud MN

          Callers/Cuers: Hunter Keller, Mary & Bob Townsend-Manning

June 14-15 2019, CO Square Dance Festival, Pueblo CO

          Callers/Cuers: Wade Driver, Mike Seastrom, Mitchell & Chelsea Thompson

June 26-29 2019, 68th  NSDC, Atlanta GA

July 26-27 2019, Black Hills Square & Round Dance Festivail (BH Association Dance)

          Callers/Cuers: Jeff Palmer Colorado Springs CO, Mitchell & Chelsea Thompson

August 15-17 2019, USA West, Boise ID

September 13-14 2019, Southern Hills Promenaders, Hermosa SD  (State Association Dance)

          Callers/Cuers: Hunter Keller, Billings MT and Betty Lurita Fugier, Hermosa SD

September 20-21 2019, 49th Annual Nebraska State Square and Round Dance Weelend

          Callers/Cuers: Hunter Keller, Billings MT and Betty Skillet, Emporia KS

Wild West Weekend, Rapid City SD

          Callers/Cuers: Bill Henke, Roger McNeil, Larry & Sussan Sperry

March 19-21 2020, IA Square & Dance Convention, Des Moins IA

June 17-20 2020, 69th NSDC, Spokane WA

September 11-12 2020, Southern Hills Promenaders, Hermosa SD  (Association Dance)

May 7-8 20-21 2021, Sioux Falls SD Spares & Pairs

June 23-26 2021, 70th NSDC, Jackson MS

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